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revised Novermber 2014

Strike the concertina's melancholy string!

Blow the spirit-stirring harp like anything!

     Let the piano's martial blast

     Rouse the echoes of the past,

For the long-awaited 12th. EDITION 's out at last!


With apologies to 'BAB' (W.S.Gilbert)



It is now 3 years since I wrote that but, as a bit of fun, I feel inclined to leave it there for a bit longer: anyone any objections?


By now, the end of this season, 2014, about half of the 6,000 copies I had printed in the winter of 2011/12, have been sold, leaving enough for about another 3 years. Whilst I keep the Master Copy of the Map regularly updated and I may be capable of the minor updating which will be needed in the Booklet, I very much doubt I will (assuming I'm still here!) have the stamina then to publish and distribute another Edition. So I shall have to find someone else to step into the gap.


NEW DEVELOPMENTS. Firstly, I have decided to defeat the out-dating effect, for the moment, by making available prints from the Master Copy. To print and sell these as a new, whole-sheet, Map would be frighteningly expansive - in the order of GBP30+ per copy - so I have decided to make available a set of A4 Sheets covering all of the Island (just!) There will be 9 sheets and I can supply these for a moderate charge - GBP18.00 -  as an extra along with the normal Book/Map or separately to those who already have the 12th. Edition for GBP 10 (this is costly because, unlike the first offer, it involves a seperate postage charge) On the back of each Sheet, I will list any changes to the Footpaths of which I am aware. There will also be a Key map to show how the sheets align. Here I have to thank those many users who have provided me with feedback which I can add to what limited exploration I can still manage. These small sheets might be handier to use when walking? They will come with a see-through plastic wallet for use when walking, providing you fold each sheet to A5 size.


Secondly, I have finished my Book titled SALVATOR LOCATED in which I have attempted to unravel the walks Archduke Ludwig Salvator made all over the Island in the 1880s with modern-day photographs of (nearly) all the buildings he sketched. Included are Maps showing his routes and identifying - I hope - the placenames he recorded.

A Paxiot friend has offered to get it published for me and I handed-in the draft in May. Being Paxos, I am still waiting to hear of any progress!


Thirdly, I have started writing another book about how I came to visit Paxos in the first place - happenstance - and to relate some of the things which have happened since - some comic and a few sad. I shall need a Publisher for this too, any offers? It will only sell, of course, to a limited market but so does the Map and that pays its way, just!


Orders continue to flow in by mail, with a few from America, many from the EU and one from as far away as Tasmania. Sales on Paxos itself have continued to be good too. There I have been greatly aided by my friend Alan & his wife Dianne, who have taken over the local stocking and delivery (& collecting the money!) Several more shops have been persuaded to stock them.


Before leaving this page, let me say a little about my website.

It was set up some years ago by a friend living down the road. Unfortunately he later moved away and was unable to up-date it for me.

I have struggled with at least 3 web-building programmes trying to keep it up-dated myself. Repeatedly I downloaded it, revised it and then attempted to up-load it: nothing happened!

Years rolled by - or so it seemed, then someone pointed-out that re-opening a website from the Bookmark facility was no use unless you had emptied the Memory first. In such ways are one's foolishnesses revealed!


So now I can, at last manage some simple up-dating, though I have to go back to my XP computer to achieve it. If you go onto the web seeking it, an alarming variety of options seem to open. Do try to find my official one please otherwise you sometimes only get half of the story!


The website is one thing - the Booklet is another!

At the start I tried to make the former comprehensive by listing LINKS to Air-Lines, Villa Agencies, Ferry Companies etc. but keeping these real and up-to-date proved too much for me - and few co-operated by giving me Links in their websites - so I have decided to stop trying.

Thus the LINKS pages list all known firms but won't work as a link in the WWW sence! You will need to copy/paste each one you want to contact.


In the BOOKLET however, as last revised (2011) I have comprehensively listed all the Villa Agencies who I know enough about to recommend. New ones seem to be springing-up all over the place but unless I have personal experience of them, I let them pass. They may well be excellent, I just don't know. Mind you; were they to properly introduce themselves, I might change my mind?

Recently - autumn 2014 - I have discovered a few PRIVATE OWNERS who are prepared to let directly at reasonable prices, particularly outside the July/August peak season. Contact me. 

(I also know a very reliable BUILDER, should anyone want to build/alter a villa.)


Airlines are so easily found by web-searching, that it would only confuse things were I to try and list them. All I will say is that 1) There are no Scheduled Flights to Corfu (sometimes listed as Kerkira or even Kapodistria) as it is not rated as an International Airport, so all flights are Charter ones. 2) They are available from many UK Airports but Gatwick and Manchester are the most frequent and often cheaper. (Heathrow has now joined-in for 2015. BA I believe) Beware though, that they only operate May to October. 3) If you want to get there outside the season you will have to fly via Athens, Thessaloniki (which is now probably more accessible by road than Athens) or travel by ferry from Italy.

Flights were traditionally always on Mondays but in recent years there are a few on nearly every day (and the Monday crush in Corfu Airport which can be horrendous, is thus avoided). Beware, if booking your own flight, that you get one timed to arrive in Corfu no later than mid-day, otherwise you will miss the ferry and there is not always one in the evening. (Some Agencies, particularly G.I.C., charter their own ferry to suit their client's flights.) Allow at least an hour at Corfu Airport on Mondays, waiting for your luggage.

Should your flight be delayed, or if the sea is too rough for the ferries to sail - and it is, sometimes - the Atlantis Hotel is right by the Ferry Terminal and is well used to accommodating stranded Paxos clients.


If you book a package from those Agencies which let their villas etc. thus; all is simpler and they will sort out both flights to Corfu and ferries thereon to Paxos; even taxis from Corfu Airport to the Ferry Quay. Otherwise the Taxi Rank is just across the road, to the left of where the coaches stand.


Ferry times are very difficult to forecast accurately as they don't publish timetables until about mid April for the season ahead. Some of the Villa Agents I list will book ferries for you, even if you are not using their villas. Paxos Magic, Routsis, Paxos Blue Waves, Thalassa Travel and Planos, spring to mind.


There are 5 types of ferry, most, though not all, of which leave from what is called The New Port in Corfu Town.

There are the Vehicle Ferries, large vessels, able to sail in almost all weather conditions, which, though primarily vehicle carriers, do take passengers too. They are relatively slow, take longer because of going via Igourmenitzia on the Greek mainland, but are spacious, comfortable and, to my mind, become part of the holiday.

Secondly, the high-speed hydrofoil ferries which normally have an early morning trip Corfu/Gaios/Corfu and another sailing about 14.00 Corfu/Gaios. Sometimes there may be an early evening one Corfu/Gaios about 19.00 but in the absence of the Timetables, cannot be relied upon.

Text Box:

They have the advantage of being quick and therefore suit those who don't get pleasure from being on the water. I find them claustrophobic.

Thirdly there is a new, locally owned, high-speed launch, the Despina which is nearly as fast.

Forthly there are occasionally, what I call proper ships, the Zanado, is one, which, as a change from taking sight-seeing trips, sail as Ferries to Gaios; sometimes from elsewhere (such as Kavos). I find them VERY enjoyable!


The 5th. means of access of are the Sea-Taxis; fast but expensive (unless you can fill one with friends & relations?)They may sail from Corfu Town but not exclusively so, sometimes using other ports on the Island. On Paxos too, they go not just to Gaios, but also to Lakka and/or Loggos, which can be convenient. They are exciting and fun!

A Sea-Plane ran an air service for a few years but has not flown since 2010.

It was very quick and popular but flew from a somewhat in-accessible site in Corfu.


The BOOKLET has comprehensive information on History, Landscape, How to get there,

Text Box:

Where to stay, Where to shop, Where to eat, How to get about, Driving, Places of Interest and, of course, Footpaths, Geology & Churches. I see no point in trying to duplicate it here.


One small matter which Elizabeth reminds me about, is the need to have a TORCH if you visit in the Autumn. There are no streetlights, of course, around the country villas, and walking back from the Tavernas in the dark can be tricky when in competition with car drivers on narrow lanes. High-visibility clothing or at least arm-bands, might be worthwhile too. Setting-off for the 7am. Ferry in pitch darkness, is also much improved by a torch!

Another warning from Elizabeth, relates to the unwary wearing of high-heel shoes. A cousin of mine came to stay with us once in Lakka and because it was for a fortnight, she brought 14 smart dresses and 14 pairs of shoes with her, mostly with high heels! To my mind that is a bit over-the-top for Paxos! Very soon she had tripped on some uneven steps, traversing from Villa to town for the evening in her high-heels, fallen, and had a bad back for the rest of the holiday! Pavements ARE uneven and lighting not always good, with unexpected steps and gratings; so beware ladies!

Medical services are not, locally, all that you may need thereafter and Ioannia Hospital is an awful long way away.


A few, more esoteric matters, may be considered in the OTHER INTEREST pages.

The where to buy page needs to be consulted next.





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